2015/11/6 - One year on national radio!

2015/11/6 - One year on national radio!

Interview highlights of our first year on national radio!

Show notes

Celebrating a full year of national radio on the Community Radio Network. Interview highlights, and a new interview with Sivion (thanks to the KW10 Podcast).

Hosted by: K-man, Percy, Justasifi'd, Bel.

Guests: Wizdm, BRB, DISCIPLE, Relic, Mistery, Oakbridge, Sivion.

Hear music by Apollo Creed, BRB, Chef Camer1, D4C, DISCIPLE, JuanLove, Manziere, The Profit, Relic, The Runaway, Sivion.

Full playlist on www.definitionradio.com





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