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2017/3/18 - The Definition local crew invade the national show!

Mar 18, 2017

The 1WAY FM Definition local crew invade the national show!

Sharing the hip-hop news, words of wisdom, and shenanigans.

Positive hip hop, flashback tracks, and your requests!

"Do Dat At" by Qheem "Life Goes On" by Pigeon John "Forget That" by Oakbridge "Now They Know" by 116 "Haters" by Beacon Light "Freedom" by Jax and the Beatfox "MC" by Krosswerdz Krew "Here We Go" by GRITS "Weapons" by Mistery "Waxing Philosophical" by Future Shock" "Experience" by Tunnel Rats "Cruizin'" by Brethren

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2017/2/11 - guest host BRB joins the K-man on-air

Feb 11, 201756 minutes

Hip hop by Christian artists.

2016/11/12 - Uprock After Party!

Nov 12, 201656 minutes

Real hip hop by Christians artists.

2016/11/5 - Flavor Fest and Doves

Nov 5, 201656 minutes

Real hip hop by Christians artists.

2016/9/10 - DJ scratch app review and CHH thoughts

Sep 10, 201656 minutes

Christian Real Hip Hop

2016/8/20 - BRB and K-man in hospital

Aug 20, 201656 minutes

Hip hop from the hospital

2016/8/12 - Oakbridge and BRB

Aug 13, 201656 minutes

Hip hop music and an update on K-man

2016/8/6 - BRB and Oakbridge

Aug 6, 201658 minutes

...but where's K-man?

2016/7/23 - celebrating 10 years of Definition Radio

Jul 23, 201660 minutes

Hip hop and reminiscing

2016/2/12 - Shelly.H

Feb 12, 201656 minutes

Shelly.H - Geographic Tongue 3B

2015/11/6 - One year on national radio!

Nov 3, 201556 minutes

Interview highlights of our first year on national radio!

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