2016/11/12 - Uprock After Party!

2016/11/12 - Uprock After Party!

Real hip hop by Christians artists.

Show notes

Feature album is the Uprock 2016 Compilation. K-man and BRB share what they thought of the Uprock 2016 Christian Hip Hop Summit held in Brisbane. K-man asks BRB to compare Uprock to his Flavor Fest experience.

Hear Music by The Praying Mantis, Flashtheonly, DJ Aslan, Oakbridge, Sivion, Apollo Creed, Nameless, The Poet & The Profit, Sounds Like Dsipl, Jimmy Dregz, Fortune, Will Small, Manziere, Izzy n The Profit, Wizdm, Farai Katiyo, Nfors & Showt, Broadkast, and more of the Krosswerdz Famillia!

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