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2019/10/5 - Our guest is Aussie folk-rap artist Jordan of River Movement

Oct 5, 201956 minutes

What happens when you bring an acoustic guitar to a rap show? We find out with our guest, Aussie folk-rap artist Jordan "River" Winslade of River Movement.

We're featuring songs off their new album "Impending Light" and other acoustic/unplugged hip hop music.

K-man is also joined in the studio by Holbo aka Justasifi'd aka Mike Holberton, as co-host and one of the artists featured on the album.

The flashback challenge track for this week is by Ozay Moore & The Hipknotics.

River Movement are perfoming at the Uprock 2019 Concert. You can get your tickets at www.uprocksummit.com


“Let You Know" by Premiss ft. Marksman Lloyd & Coin Banks "They Say" by River Movement "Live Like You" by River Movement ft. Emily Brimlow "Organic" by Othello & The Hipknotics "Hark" by River Movement ft. The Profit "Teach the Children" by Jon Corbin "Mirror" by River Movement ft. Raw Torque "Fallen" by Dominic Brook "River Cypher" by River Movement ft. Shelly.H, Raw Torque, Mike Holberton, Benji Winslade, C-Side

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2016/1/16 - More of the best of 2015

Jan 20, 201656 minutes

New tracks & folk-rap from 2015

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