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2017/6/24 - talking with Mistery about the film on him "Hip Hop and Holiness"

Jun 24, 201756 minutes

"Hip Hop and Holiness" is a new short film about Mistery. K-man and Vokal Logik talk with Mistery about that documentary and what's happening in Krosswerdz around the world.

"Too Cold" by Trip Lee "Multiplicity" by Eskatology "Felony Offenders Remix" by Cas Metah "I Go The Spirit" by Tee Wyla "Say I Won't" by Lecrae "Tombstone" by The 4 Fathers "Just for Kicks" by Premiss, Marksman Lloyd, Coin Banks "Kingdom Come" by Hazakim "Family Matters" by Mistery & Werd "Rock" by Brethren "Weapons" by Mistery "Way of the Warrior Remix" by Mistery / Sound Like Dsipl

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2017/5/27 - Phil The Voice from LA is our guest

May 27, 201756 minutes

Real Hip hop by Christian artists.

2017/3/18 - The Definition local crew invade the national show!

Mar 18, 2017

Real Hip hop by Christian artists.

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