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2017/5/27 - Phil The Voice from LA is our guest

May 27, 201756 minutes

Phil The Voice is an emcee and pastor from Los Angeles, California. Vocal Logic (from Canberra's Definition Local) interviews him about where he came from, where he's going, and the story behind the name.

We play a few flashbacks by artists that influenced Phil The Voice.

A new track off Propaganda's coming album!

"Keep Listening" by muzeOne "Rattle Ya Cage" by Izzy n The Profit "DJ Life" by Japhia Life "You Won't Be The One" by Marksman Lloyd "Darkie" by Propaganda "Non-Fiction" by Lecrae "Powermoves" by Brainwash Projects "MacBook of Raps" by Joey the Jerk "Thou Art The Christ" by The Voice "Can You Hear It?" by The Voice "You Drinkin'" by The Voice "TR'z" by Tunnel Rats

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