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2018/10/27 - Ozay Moore (fka Othello) of Lightheaded is our guest and featured artist

Oct 27, 201856 minutes

This week, K-man and Oaks' guest is Ozay Moore!

The artist fka Othello, is a member of the Lightheaded crew and founding member of Lojique. He runs the "All of the Above Hip Hop Academy" in the USA, empowering the community through the arts and mentoring youth. Ozay is coming to Australia for the Uprock Christian Hip Hop Summit running 2nd to 5th of November.

Listen in for our interview with Ozay Moore and plenty of tracks by and featuring him.

Tracklist: "Superstar" by Fdel, Lightheaded "L.T.D." by Ozay Moore, Sareem Poems "Brand New Day" by Sivion, Ozay Moore, Consafos, DJ Aslan "Go O Say More" by Ozay Moore "Step Ford" by Soulpete, Ozay Moore, DJ Ace "Good" by Ozay Moore "Panacea" by Lojique "WSTCST" by Ozay Moore, Tony Ozier, Teeko "Where You At" by Ozay Moore, James Gardin, Jashua Smith "It Seems To Me..." by Mark 1, Ozay Moore, Bdeps "Crowd React" by Ozay Moore, Ohmega Watts, Braille

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