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2018/2/24 - Interview with Licy Be from the Gold Coast

Feb 24, 201856 minutes

Licy Be is our guest, being interviewed by Mark from 1WAY FM. She's a spoken word artist, rapper, and mental health advocate. Originally from New Zealand, she then lived for a while in Perth, and now resides on the Gold Coast.


We're also playing new music by Propaganda, Sareem Poems, Shyne On Me, Poetiecs & Big Yae.

“Just Play It!" by Poetics & Big Yae "Do Know Wrong" by Propaganda "Chines New Year" by MC Jin "Dragon Tattoo" by Mistery "The Intercepting Mantis Fist" by Rezadent "Choices" by Shyne On Me "Dance For The Dead" by Sareem Poems & Ess Be "Da Chune Up" by That Brotha Lokey "Zone Out Remix" by Imperial & K.I.N.E.T.I.K. "Heart Bleed" by Licy Be "Getting Stronger" by Licy Be "One Life" by Licy Be "Rise Again" by Licy Be "Without You" by Jon Corbin

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2016/7/16 - topical theme and Izzy interview

Jul 16, 201656 minutes

Hip hop and a interview

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