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2016/6/18 - Krosswerdz 10th Interviews part 3

Jun 18, 201656 minutes

Our last special show for the Krosswerdz 10th Anniversary. More good memories of the Anniversary Jam and Krosswerdz defining moments in life.

I'm chatting with some guys who travelled a bit to get to the jam. From the In Da Midst days - Beatroot from Newcastle. All the way from Malaysia - Masta D!

We're also talking with the founder of Krosswerdz - Mistery!

Hear a mix by DJ Aslan off The Mixing Process. Music from Uprock Summit guests Camer1, Cas Metah, Microphone Gorillas, MCBigCow, Mistery, Oakbridge, The Praying Mantis, Wizdm, and more of the Krosswerdz Krew!

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