2017/7/29 - Music by Andy Mineo, ZERO, Thi'sl, S.O. and a theme of unity

2017/7/29 - Music by Andy Mineo, ZERO, Thi'sl, S.O. and a theme of unity

Real hip hop by Christian artists.

Show notes

Playing a variety of styles, and artists from different parts of the globe, with differeing approaches to their music... All together in one show! In this extended Podcast edition, I say a little more than I did on radio about that recent CHH conversation, but mostly let the music talk for me.

New music by... Sydney artist ZERO. Andy Mineo and Wordsplay are Magic Bird. Thi'sl has a nice cypher with emcees from different parts of USA. Lampmode artist S.O. off his latest release.

Flashbacks by the Tunnel Rats, L.A. Symphony, and a cypher off the Urban Compositions compilation from 2003.

"Dunk Contest" by Andy Mineo & Wordsplayed "Jump" by Cash Hollistah "London Dreams" by S.O. "As One" by MC BigCow, Oakbridge, Mistery "Bar Cave" by Thi'sl "One Voice" by Tunnel Rats & L.A. Symphony "Petty" by Ruslan "Jericho" by Oakbridge "Bridging the Gaps" by muzeOne "16 Bars" by Corey Red & Shai Linne "Sidelines" by Lecrae "Real Hip Hop" by D4C "Didn't Know" by Marksman Lloyd "Real Homies" by ZERO "So Many Levels" by Sean Simmonds

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