2017/9/30 - KB, Altty, Krum, MP Ancient, Nomis, Dillon Chase, Torey D'Shaun

Sep 30, 201756 minutes

Brand new KB, MP Ancient, Nomis, Dillon Chase, Torey D'Shaun. Altty from Perth, Australia. Another banger by Krum fka Playdough. Something a little different by Cooki Turner featuring Jabee and Adam L.

New hip hop music by Christian artists from Australia and overseas!

Flashback by Soup the Chemist from 2003.

"Chopsticks" by Torey D'Shaun "Weapons" by Mistery "Enter Hajime" by JustMe "Tokyo Market" by Krum "Monster" by KB "The Fear" by Marksman Lloyd "Tone It Down" by Dillon Chase "Mr Beef Cheeks" by Altty "Let's Go" by Freddie Bruno "Agape" by Nomis "Visions" by Cooki Turner "The Movement" by MP Ancient x Sadat X "All Over The World" by Soup the Chemist "Willie Vasquez" by The Battery "Cut To The Chase" by Fonke Knomaads "Get In The Scene" by The Bamboos x Omega Watts

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