2017/9/2 - Lecrae, Izzy, Change, Datin, Hawk House, Dirt, GRITS

Sep 2, 201756 minutes

News on Lecrae, Ruslan, Marksman Lloyd, and No Malice. Brand new music by Change, Datin, and Izzy. Some more Aussie rap by Brethren, ZERO and Polo.

Flashbacks by GRITS, Tunnel Rats, and LMNO.

"First Man" by Cas Metah & Brethren "Doing Life" by Tunnel Rats "Bounce" by Mistapool & Jupiter 7 "Blessings" by Lecrae & Ty Dolla $ign "Son Shine" by Change & Datin "Real Homies" by ZERO "Elbow Room" by LMNO "We Stand For" by Muffin "Eyes Blinded" by Izzy "Feel the Break" by Jeremiah Dirt "Comin' Home" by GRITS "Just Watching" by Sheff's Kitchen "My Mind Is The Weapon" by Hawk House "God Bless You" by Polo "You Can't Hold Me Down" by Mogli the Iceburg

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