2017/8/26 - Izzy, Marksman Lloyd, Sareem Poems, ReFlex The Architect, The Voice

Aug 26, 201756 minutes

New music! From Australia we've got Izzy and Marksman Lloyd. Also there's Sareem Poems of the L.A. Symphony, Re:flex the Architect of the Scribbling Idiots, Phil The Voice, Rawsrvnt, Precursor Mentality, and Renaissance Movement Music.

Flashbacks by Shad and Mars ILL.

"Stand Up!" by Precursor Mentality "Strictly Underground" by Izzy "The Old Prince Still Lives At Home" by Shad "Is it the Shoes" by Eons D "Late Nights" by The Profit "Safe House" by R.M.M. "Wolf Boy" by Phil The Voice "Mulplicity" by Eskatology "Wicked Ways Remix" by Mars ILL "There Go That Man" by Rawsrvnt "NOMO" by Marksman Lloyd "Tic Toc Remix" by Sareem Poems & Terem "Shalom" by J. Han "West Sydney" by Izzy "Brighter Day" by ReFlex the Architect

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