2017/8/19 - One to Sixteen theme!

Aug 19, 201756 minutes

Going from one to sixteen... playing artists from Australia and overseas.

"As One" by Oakbridge, MC BigCow, Mistery "One Two" by Propaganda "Adidas Have 3 WhiteStripes" by Krum "Four Days Theme" by Ohmega Watts/Surreal/Braille "KJ Five Two" by KJ-52 "Six Feet Down" by Insufficient Funds "Seven Laps" by Marksman Lloyd "The 8th Day" by Grayskul "Cloud Nine" by Altty & L Fire "10" by L.A. Symphony "Episode 11" by FreeStyle Fam "Nerd Out (12 Point Power Sword)" by Heath McNease "The 13th" by Rel McCoy "14 2 Life" by K-Drama "15 Years Ago" by J. Kwest "One Sixteen Remix" by Trip Lee

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