2017/8/12 - Elsie, Jackie Hill Perry, Licy Be, Eternia, Meek Starkiller, Butta P

Aug 12, 201757 minutes

Female emcees from America to the UK to Australia!

"Kingdom" by Zane One "Made For This" by Butta P & Natalie Lauren "City" by Isatta Sheriff "One Life" by Licy Be "1,2,3 Remix" by 4th Avenue Jones "Day & Night" by Eternia & Moss "Pain of Regret" by Izzy & Zeadala "Ode to Lauryn" by Jackie Hill Perry "Star Statik Interlude" by Azarel Star "7th Seal" by Fortune "Inhale 2 Exhale" by Elle ROC "Angel Eyes" by Angie Rose "My Identity" by Izzy, Que Rator, Cree "I Caught The Mic" by MC Ge Gee "It's a New Year" by Mz Tanz "Ladies" by Tunnel Rats (Elsie & Zane)

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