2017/7/22 - Jabs of the Bay Side Wreckers chatting about Cardio Selection

Jul 22, 201756 minutes

Jabs of the Bay Side Wreckers out of Sydney, chats with us about their new "Cardio Selection" EP. Jabs shares two songs off the EP and two personal picks.

We play a new artist out of the Gold Coast!

New music by J. Kwest and D4C.

Arrested Development flashback track and news.

"Take Control" by The Profit "Apollo Creed Anthem" by Apollo Creed "Tennessee" by Arrested Development "You Are My Family (Transformed Remix)" by D4C "Still Alright" by J. Kwest "God Bless You" by Polo "Rat Race" by Andy Mineo "Too Many Tomorrows" by Braille "Be a Person" by Bay Side Wreckers "One Time" by Bay Side Wreckers "What It Needs" by Oakbridge "Über Mode" by Wizdm

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