2017/7/1 - New music by Propaganda, Bay Side Wreckers, Sareem Poems and more!

Jul 1, 201756 minutes

We play a new song by Sydney's own Bay Side Wreckers, off their coming EP Cardio Selection. New music by Propaganda, Sareem Poems of the L.A. Symphony, James Gardin and Jabee.

Flashback track by Braille and Redcloud.

"Love, 1959" by Sho Baraka "Soldiers Here" by Freestyle Fam "Society" by Jabee "Animal Remix" by Izzy n The Profit "Who Are They Anyway" by Move Merchants "Broken Jaw" by Redcloud and Braille "Who Is He" by Oakbridge "Olympian" by Propaganda "Walk & Talk" by Sareem Poems & Terem "Black Boy Blush" by James Gardin "Sideways" by KB "Some Nights" by Paradox "One Time" by Bay Side Wreckers "I Got the Juice" by Dream Junkies

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