2017/6/2 - Featuring some new songs from artists with longevity.

Jun 3, 201756 minutes

Playing some brand new tracks by artists who've been doing music for a while. Grits, Pettidee, KJ-52, Shadow of the Locust, MP Ancient, Kaboose, Deepspace5, John Reuben, Royal Ruckus and MaxOne.

Flashback to a John Reuben song from 20 years ago.

Speaking of longevity... happy 11th year Krosswerdz!

"All In" by Rawsrvnt "On Top Of The Rock" by Broadkast "The Werd On The Street" by The Profit "Know About It" by KJ-52 "Saints & Sinners" by GRITS "A Volcanic Event" by Shadow of the Locust "When Freedom Rings" by MP Ancient "Swing" by Dylan Joel "Let's See What We Come Up With" by Dylan Joel "Free Thought" by Shelly.H & Kris.Bo "Campfire Stories" by Sebastian Hochstein "Pick A Side" by Bayside Wreckers "Mainstream" by John Reuben "The Pressure Is On (Showdown)" by Royal Ruckus

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