2017/5/20 - JGivens x Christon Gray, Sho Baraka, Trip Lee, Licy Be, a Braille flashback

May 19, 201756 minutes

JGivens has a new album on the way after a bit of year for him personally. We play the new song by him with Christon Gray.

The new single by Sho Baraka. The lastest single by Aussies Izzy n The Profit, Licy Be, and Manziere. A flashback by Braille.

"Blackout" by Izzy n The Profit "Mad Men" by Sintax the Terrific "Summer Days" by D4C "Too Cold" by Trip Lee "MGGM" by Manziere "Purple Dinosaur" by nobigdyl. "One Life" by Licy Be & Tiri Boy. "Substance" by The Winnie Coopers "Glass" by The Battery "The Intercepting Mantis Fist" by Rezadent "Shades of Grey" by Brallie "Make It" by JGivens "I Am Legacy" by Genesiz "Get Up" by Kaboose "Love, 1959" by Sho Baraka

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