2017/4/15 - Easter Hip Hop

Apr 14, 201757 minutes

Hip-hop themed around the events of Good Friday and Easter.

"Shook" by BRB and KJ-52 "The Sacrifice" by Wizdm "Blood Spilla" by The Cross Movement "Where You There?" by Shai Linne "His Passion for Mine" by Oakbridge "Winter Sunshine" by The Praying Mantis "Lifesaver" by Guru "When Heaven Scrapes the Pavement" by Mars ILL "Death Has Died" by Andy Mineo "Pulling Strings" by Izzy n The Profit "Conquer" by Propaganda "Jesus (Remix)" by 1Way "Risen" by Hazakim "Rise" by Deepspace5

"Shook" video https://youtu.be/iQe0KOlgho8 "The Sacrifice" video https://youtu.be/4x4B6oZJ91c

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