2017/3/25 - Krum, Krosswerdz, Derek Minor, NuBreed, John Reuben...

Mar 25, 201756 minutes

Positive hip hop, new songs, flashback tracks, and your requests!

"Ignoranto" by JGivens "Rising Sun" by Brethren "Sure As Can Be" by Move Merchants "The Story of an Emcee" by Joc Scholar "Jericho" by Oakbridge "Global Takeover" by L.A. Symphony "My Story" by NuBreed "Dr. Malcolm" by NomiS "Look At Me Now" by Derek Minor "Numbers" by Konata Small "Take Control" by The Profit "Let's See What We Come Up With" by John Reuben "Oddball" by Krum "Belief Over Beats" by Krosswerdz "What's It Worth" by Ohmega Watts

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