2017/3/11 - Celebrating 20 years of Sphere of Hip Hop

Mar 11, 201756 minutes

Happy Birthday to Sphere of Hip Hop. 20 years of sharing with us great hip hop by Christian artists. Shout-outs to Plastic!


Flashback tracks, positive hip hop, and your requests!

".05 Needle Heads" by Playdough (Flagrant remix) "Hip-Hop" by Brethren "Lazy Susan" by The Battery "Planet Dok" by Tunnel Rats "Hip Hop History" by Urban D. "World Go Round" by Deepspace5 "World Renowned" by Cas Metah & MP Ancient "Change This World" by Propaganda "Real Hip Hop" by D4C "This Fear of Hip Hop" by Sackcloth Fashion "Merry Go Round" by Name Basic "Sphere of Hip Hop Pt.2" by Mars ILL "Our World" by The Profit "Surprise Cypher Remix" by Lightheaded

Full playlist at www.definitionradio.com/show/533

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