2017/3/4 - Lecrae, Cash Hollistah, Sintax.the.Terrific, and something French

Mar 4, 201756 minutes

New music by Lecrae, Cash Hollistah, J. Rhodan and Nomis. Double-play of Sintax.the.Terrific. And a bit of French rap!

Flashback tracks, positive hip hop, and your requests!

"Didn't Know" by Marksman Lloyd "Right Direction" by Arrested Development "Reciprocate" by Manziere "Party People" by LMNO and Theory Hazit "Showtime" by Cash Hollistah "Get Right" by Cas Metah "River of Jordan" by Lecrae "Chapters" by Nomis "Honey" by J. Rhodan "Emergency Broadkast" by Broadkast "Honey Dew" Soulseize Remix by Sivion "This About Dreams" by SkyBlew & Pabzzz "Mad Men" by Midcentury Modern "Dramamine" by Sintax.the.Terrific "Dans le camp ennemi" by Leader Vocal

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