2017/2/25 - Grammys, Krum, new Aussie Hip Hop

Feb 25, 201756 minutes

The artist that won 3 grammys without selling an album. New hip hop from Australia and the USA.

Flashback tracks, positive hip hop, and your requests!

"Know About It" by KJ-52 "War Ready" by Buck Barnabas "Battery Acid" by MP Ancient "What's it All About" by Izzy n The Profit "Fire Bone" by Shadow of the Locust "The Outlet" by Solseekers "HC Block Music" by Nameless "Kings Be Wise And Warned" by Luc DiMarzio "Oddball" by Krum "Blessings" by Chance The Rapper "Thankful" by Tony Tillman "Hear My Heart" by Andy Mineo "Tub Fulla Cheetos" by Swinn Da Example "Sneakafreak" by Brethren "A Volcanic Event" by Shadow of the Locust "Turn The Tables" by Cas Metah

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