2017/1/28 - New music and summer ☀️

Jan 28, 201756 minutes

Brand new music, and some summer jams.

"Summer Days" by D4C "Sunshine" by K. Sparks "Day Job" by KJ-52 "Promise Land" by James Gardin "Identity" by Impossible Odds "Hiatus" by Imperial "Left Coast" by Ruslan "Rising Sun" by Brethren "Nothing Beats the Passion" by Braille "Penniless" by Jabee "My Cadillac" by Krum "Brisbane Native" by Nameless "Coast 2 Coast" by Hoodsta "Sunny Days" by Sareem Poems "Praise the Lord" by r&R "Didn't Know" by Marksman Lloyd

Full playlist at www.definitionradio.com/show/527

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