2017/1/7 - Hottest of 2016 Part 1

Jan 7, 201756 minutes

We've been analysing the new music we've played on Definition in 2016. Here's part one of which of those songs got the most online listens. Enjoy.

"Let You Know" by Premise, Marksman Lloyd, Coin Banks "Winning Feeling" by B. Reith "Abraham's Nephew's Wife" by Krum "I Don't See You at the Club" by Arrested Development "Blackout" by Izzy n The Profit "Skittles & Iced Tea" by Hostyle Gospel "Pause" by Marksman Lloyd "All I Got" by S.O. "Real Ones" by Alex Faith "Throne" by Swift "Petty" by Ruslan "Cloud Nine" by Altty & L Fire "Help Me Find My Way" by Thi'sl "Home" by Sean C. Johnson "#TRENDY" by K. Sparks "Good Music" by Imperial & K.i.N.E.T.I.K.

Full playlist at www.definitionradio.com/show/524

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