2016/12/10 - Ruslan, Marksman Lloyd, Tunnel Rats, The Praying Mantis, Wizdm, S.O...

Dec 10, 201656 minutes

Hi how you've been well. This week we've got two nice tracks by Ruslan of Dream Junkies and theBREAX. Chris Sandoe is a new artist to our playlists, and he's team up with some regulars. The new songs by S.O. and The Praying Mantis, both from the UK.

"Here We Go" by Wizdm "Left Coast" by Ruslan "It's A Good Day" by Chris Sandoe "All I Got" by S.O. "These Changes" by Izzy n The Profit "Some Nights" by Paradox "Life 101" by Trip Lee "Box of Rhymes" by Braille "Fire in the Winter" by Premiss ft. Marksman Lloyd & Coin Banks "One Voice" by Tunnel Rats & L.A. Symphony "Rapcha" by The Praying Mantis "Fisheye Paradigm" by Future Shock "Petty" by Ruslan "What Is Hip Hop?" by The Profit

Full playlist at www.definitionradio.com/show/520

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