2016/12/3 - MMAD, Derek Minor, Sounds Like Dsipl, Midcentury Modern

Dec 2, 201656 minutes

MMAD who are Musicians Making a Difference. Check out the great work they do. www.mmad.org.au

Here's the crazy clip Derek Minor did for "You Know It" youtu.be/dN4ph4KltcI

Dres of Black Sheep and Jarobi of ATCQ colab'ing with Sintax.the.Terrific. Mad good!

And here's the list of mad rad songs we played...

"Gas Money" by Rel McCoy "I Will Breakfree" by MMAD "For This Life" by Eternia "Who Are They Anyway" by Move Merchants "SYD 2 LBC" by D.Minor "Sell Out" by Tony Tillman "You Know It" by Derek Minor ft. BJ the Chicago Kid "Real" by NF "What's Ya Story" by Sounds Like Dsipl "Training Day" by Mistery "Warning" by Boogiemonsters "Look Like" by Oakbridge ft. Jabs "Mad Men" by Midcentury Modern ft. Evitan "#MMAD4U" by MMAD ft. Tuka

Full playlist www.definitionradio.com/show/519

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