2016/5/21 - Krosswerdz 10th music from 2009-2011

May 20, 201656 minutes

Krosswerdz is turning 10 this month! So in the lead up to the party at the end of May, Definition each week is playing a selection of Krosswerdz‬ related tunes from the last 10 years.

This week we're at the beginning, with the years 2009-2011!

These were the years that Krosswerdz started a record label and the amount of new Aussie CHH grew. It boomed when the first Uprock Christian Hip Hop Summit was held in Sydney on 11/11/2011, attended by heads from around the world.

This episode we somehow squeeze in new music by Andy Mineo and Krum.

Full playlist on www.definitionradio.com

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