2019/12/28 - Going through some of the hottest songs of 2019, voted & streamed by you ... part 1

Dec 28, 201956 minutes

What are some of the most voted for songs on Definition in 2019? Which out of the new songs we played, got the most streams on various platforms? We try to answer these questions in this and the next episode... Sit back and turn it up!


"Fire Emoji" by YB "Get Out My Way" by Tedashii ft. Lecrae "London Nights" by S.O. "California Dreamin'" by 116 (Lecrae ft. John Givez) "How We Coming" by 1K Phew ft. WHATUPRG, Ty Brasel "Blessings" by Eskatology ft. Izzy "Be Yourself" by Imperial & K.I.N.E.T.I.K. "Headman" by Fonke Knomaads "Do What It Gonna Do" by Flynn Adam ft. Joey the Jerk & GR.JSNBEITS "Scribe to Serve" by Malachi John ft. The Profit & Cas Metah "Grateful" by iMPACT "Roar" by Tanya Pillay ft. Genesiz "King's Child" by iNTELLECT ft. Griffin, DJ Sean P "Hallelujah" by Sole Option ft. Brad Sabat "Fuego" by Steven Malcolm "Hark" by River Movement ft. The Profit

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