2019/12/14 - A new song by James Gardin. Double-play by Name Basic. Flashback by Deepspace 5.

Dec 14, 201956 minutes

Hey, we have another new song by James Gardin, who visted Australia for Uprock 2019. If you haven't heard of Name Basic, we'll enlighten you by playing two of his songs in a row. The flashback is for this week is by none other than the crew Deepspace5, originally off their most classic album but slightly remixed by DJ Allstar.


"Persistence" by Pardox & ReFlex the Architect (Ft. Vicky Flint & DJ Sean P) "Old Heads" by Scribbling Idiots ft. BlackBolt "Headman" by Fonke Knomaads "Unpredictable" by Die-Rek ft. Rel McCoy "Just One" by Name Basic ft. Davey Rockit "Throwing Voices" by Name Basic ft. Movement, Manchild, Davey Rockit "Honor" by ill-DAY ft. Sev Statik, Copyright, LD On The Cut "Blessings" by Eskatology ft. Izzy "Flashback" by Aaron Cole ft. 1K Phew "I Don't Really Like Where I'm At" by James Gardin "Homerun" by D Minor ft. Zeek Power "Colossal" by Canon, nobigdyl. & Steven Malcolm "Coming in Hot" by Andy Mineo & Lecrae "Simplenfresh Freestyle" by KJ-52 ft. Goldinchild "Revolt" by Tee Wyla ft. Datin "Stick This In Your Ear (DJ Allstar Mix)" by Deepspace5 "River Cypher" by River Movement ft. Shelly.H, Raw Torque, Mike Holberton, Benji Winslade, C-Side

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