2019/12/07 - From Kanye to Pillay ... new music, flashbacks and nominees

Dec 7, 201956 minutes

From Kanye to Pillay. New music by Tanya Pillay, Social Club Misfits, Fresh IE, Orijin, and Ken The Messenger. Flashback track by LPG.

We hightlight a few tracks nominated for awards in Texas and Canada. 'Cause we like awards and contributing and tracks and Canadians...


"Follow God" by Kanye West "Fallen" by Mission ft. Chazz "Got My Style" by The Profit ft. DJ Maniak "Mistakes to Masterpiece" by Ken The Messenger ft. Jac "Hark" by River Movement ft. The Profit "The Search" by NF "3 Soldiers" by L Fire, Raw Torque, Altty "Motivated" by D4C ft. J.I. "Dial-Up" by Orijin ft. Dru Bex, Jeremy Rodney-Hall "Listenin'" by LPG "Believe" by Social Club Misfits "Come With Us" by Deraj "Love Always" by Krum & Theory Hazit ft. Propaganda "It's Not Over" by Fresh IE ft. Illa "Roar" by Tanya Pillay ft. Genesiz

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