2019/11/30 - A jazzy hip hop Definition with jazzy flashbacks and all that jazz

Nov 30, 201956 minutes

Greetings, and welcome to a jazzy hip hop Definition. We have jazzy raps from new to the flashbacks. So kick up your feet and sit back.


"New Season" by The Exremities ft. Ohmega Watts, Moka Only "This Life" by Sareem Poems ft. James Gardin, Macklyn "Jazz Theory" by K. Sparks "Just for Kicks" by PREMISS ft. Coin Banks, Marksman Lloyd "To Live Earnestly" by Orijin ft. Quantum Pause "Doin' It" by Ozay Moore "Follow Me" by Rel McCoy "All Is Grace" by Imperial ft. Joshua Like Smith "Train of Thought" by Oakbridge ft. Tanya Pillay "Water's Edge" by The Procussions "Travel the Map (Micall Parknsun Remix)" by Imperial & K.I.N.E.T.I.K. ft. Oddisee "Jazz" by GRITS "All That Jazz" by BroadKast "The Last Sunrise" by Sundance ft. Adam L, Sivion, Stro Eliot "So You Think" by Bullhorn

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