2019/11/23 - Sneaking in all sorts of double-plays here and there..

Nov 23, 201956 minutes

Sneaking in all sorts of double-plays whenever I can... or whenever I want..

New music by Propaganda, Derek Minor, Soulseize, Daniel AMP, and nobigdyl..

Flashback track by Flynn Adam of the L.A. Symphony.


"Beastmode" by Daniel AMP "Sideline" by Vee & Josh ft. TINO, Andre Haviland "In The Pocket" by Jon Corbin ft. Eternia "Feel That" by Flynn Adam ft. Sareem Poems "Get Up" by Flynn Adam ft. Sareem Poems "Work It Out" by MP Ancient "Here, 2016" by Sho Baraka ft. Lecrae "Superstar" by Genesiz "Faith and Paitence" by nobigdyl. ft. Parris Chariz "One" by Soulseize, Sivion, Sintax.the.Terrific, Cas Metah "Uptown" by Andy Mineo "That's How It's Done" by Manchild ft. Phynite "Crack the Heavens" by The Battery ft. Manchild, Sojourn "Change" by Propaganda & Derek Minor ft. Daniella Mason "How We Coming" by 1K Phew ft. WHATUPRG, Ty Brasel "Big Wave" by 116 (Lecrae) ft. Parris Chariz

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