2019/11/9 - Late night TV, social media, blogs, and billboards. Everyone is talking about it, and so are we...

Nov 9, 201956 minutes

The album "Jesus is King" is being talked about everwhere. K-man joins the conversation, and plays a selection off the album.

The flashback challenge track for this week is by the L.A. Symphony.


"Made it Safe" by Mission ft. Aaron Cole "You Won't Be the One" by Marksman Lloyd ft. Whisky Winter "Elevate" by J. Crum ft. Montythehokage "Follow God" by Kanye West "Man vs Machine" by Krum & Theory Hazit "It Starts with Us" by TheyCallMe.Solo ft. Joe Coffee "Big Shot" by K. Sparks ft. Toshiki Hayashi "Note to Self" by Swift "Mirror" by River Movement ft. Raw Torque "Funky Funky Fresh" by James Gardin ft. Ozay Moore "Everybody Get" by L.A. Symphony "Acrophobia" by Brad Sabat "Night Falls" by StefanOtto ft. Jered Sanders, Datin "Selah" by Kanye West "Colossal" by Canon, nobigdyl., Stephen Malcolm "Atlas" by NomiS

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