2019/11/2 - Uprock Concert artists from this and past years

Nov 2, 201956 minutes

It's the 9th year of the Uprock Summit. We're playing as many Uprock Concert artists from this and the past years, as we can.

You can get tickets to the Uprock 2019 Concert at www.uprocksummit.com


"Get Up" by Jesus Peace "Hallelujah" by Sole Option ft. Brad Sabat "Changed Hearts" by Brallie & DJ Efechto "The Moment" by Rel McCoy ft. Grimace Love "Breaking Borders" by Flashtheonly, DJ Aslan, Oakbridge, Sivion "Olympian" by Propaganda "Dedicate" by Izzy n The Profit ft. Broadkast "Live Like You" by River Movement ft. Emily Brimlow "Paid to Play" by Cas Metah ft. Jabs, Flexx Abyladeez "Fire" by Nfors ft. Showt "The One and Only" by Genesiz ft. Delany "Concrete Pillow" by D.Minor ft. Alli Simpson "Meta Force" by Doppelgangers "How Did We Get Here" by Fonke Knomaads ft. Sonic Solo, File/Save, Brethren... "Comfortable" by James Gardin ft. Sareem Poems

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