2023/1/21 - Your most voted for new songs of 2022

2023/1/21 - Your most voted for new songs of 2022

Real hip hop by Christian artists

Show notes

Playing our listeners' most voted for new songs of 2022.


"One Way" by nobigdyl. "Holy Spirit Active" by RoyalpriestHood "Real You" by Mark Durksen "Anything But Royal (ft. Nilvoid, Ryland Junior & Mistery)" by Krosswerdz "Peace (ft. Jkzn)" by Young C "Pray and Pattern" by Melvillous "Dust (ft. 1K Phew & Yaves)" by Trant "Say Less (ft. Still Shadey, Tidez)" by Guvna B "Carry Me (ft. Janette Burmaster)" by Jon Corbin "Awake (ft. Datin)" by Raging Moses "Come Calling (ft. Cas Metah, Junyah, D4C & Rel McCoy)" by Krosswerdz "Know You More (ft. Sole Option)" by River Movement "Year of Redemption" by DIE-REK "We All In (ft. DJ Mal-Ski & Lecrae)" by Propaganda "Eso" by DJ Dsern "Rise Up (ft. iNTELLECT, Griffin & DJ Dsern)" by Procyse "Pass By (ft. The Profit, Izzy, JustMe & Sole Option)" by Krosswerdz

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