2022/9/3 - Da Mask Is Steel

2022/9/3 - Da Mask Is Steel

Real hip hop by Christian artists

Show notes

This week on Definition Radio The Profit brings us "Da Mask Is Steel" showcasing some tracks from the debut album from Damascus Steel - Grungy Boguez, Zae Da Blacksmith & Doctynal with a bunch of new freshness and familiar faces.


A Yo by Freestyle Fam Swordplay Masters by Damascus Steel ft. HIS Hypeman, Stract & C4 Crotona Step By Step by YP aka Young Paul ft Datin & Merk Montes Keep It Runnin by E.Man ft Th3rdkind Victorious by Ryland Junior ft DJ Sight Spyrograph by Damascus Steel Fight For Your Life by Angie Rose Children Of The Light by JustMe We Won't Run by Krosswerdz ft. Izzy n The Profit, Jon Corbin & Grungy Boguez The Lion's Share by Krosswerdz ft. Nfors, Pythagoras The Praying Mantis, Jonnie 3:16 & Grungy Boguez Flux Flowz by Damascus Steel Bow Down by God Over Money ft Bizzle, Datin & Bumps INF

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