2022/8/6 - Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda

2022/8/6 - Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda

Real hip hop by Christian artists

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This week on Defintion, The Profit brings us his list of tracks he Woulda played if he was more on the ball, Shoulda played if he wasn't boxed in by his own themes and Coulda played if he was just a little bit faster at bringing out the new drops like K-Man and Oaks & Jabs. A bunch of new content and killer flashbacks.


Walk It Out Together by Common Thread Collective Go Time by Datin ft Jered Sanders, Bumps Inf & Marz Ferrer Work In Progress by Zack Limitless x Datin Dun All The Hype by Guvna B ft Melvillous Ekklesia by Zae Da Blacksmith Rubix by Damascus Steel Lord Knows by Sole Option ft Brad Sabat Out West by Revive The Youth Dragon Tattoo by Mistery ft JustMe Family Matters by Mistery x Werd The Solution by Jackie Hill Perry ft Eshon Burgundy (Bonus Track) by Jackie Hill Perry Snake Eyes by Izzy

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The Profit

The Profit


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