2022/7/2 - The Profit brings us "BYO Neckbrace Pt2"

2022/7/2 - The Profit brings us "BYO Neckbrace Pt2"

Real hip hop by Christian artists

Show notes

This week on Definition, The Profit brings us "BYO Neckbrace Pt2", strap in, pop on a helmet and that stank face and get ready for some head nodding to these certified bangers.


Frienemies by Stephen The Levite Raw Like Remix by Oakbridge ft. Sounds Like Disipl & Deejay Mathematics Go Do! by Zae Da Blacksmith Back In The Ring by Datin ft M.Taver Word.On.The.Street by WOTS (Nameless & Kamaka) Who's Next by Broadkast ft. DJ Butcher Punchlines by The Doppelganger Project (JustMe, Mistery, Resident, Pythagoras The Praying Mantis) John Wick by Rap Is A Martial Art TR'Z by Tunnel Ratz Extra Credit by Theory Hazit Time Don't Wait by Izzy ft. The Profit The Dynamic Duel by Stephen The Levite

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