2022/3/5 - The Profit: Tales From The Swamp

2022/3/5 - The Profit: Tales From The Swamp

Real hip hop by Christian artists

Show notes

This week on Definition The Profit - Self Proclaimed Theme Man hit a snag trying to lock in a theme in our current circumstances entering 2022. So we bring you Tales From The Swamp... Have A Break (Kit Kat Special). A collection of songs and a lot of new stuff to get you in some music and out of the craziness.


Gorgeous - HeeSun Lee & Braille Awake - Raging Moses & Datin Very Original - Guvna B ft. D Double E Feel No Pain - Melvillous The Way - Brad Sabat Carry Me - Jon Corbin ft Janette Burmaster Wheel Back, Come Again - Die-Rek Movin' On Up - Young Faith ft MC K-A-E Move - Randy Mason & Ganesboro Flamin The Mic - Raw Torque Philippians 4 - Leon Anderson This Life - Sareem Poems & Newselph ft. James Gardin & Macklyn Savage - Sevin ft. Datin & Gemstones

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The Profit

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