2022/3/12 - Tilting the balance and other subtle themes

2022/3/12 - Tilting the balance and other subtle themes

Real hip hop by Christian artists

Show notes

Tilting the balance and other subtle themes. K-man playing a few new and old tunes, while weaving in some unsaid themes.


"7 Gold Chains" by Angie Rose "Money More" by Soul P. ft. Butta P "7th Seal" by Fortune "Time" by A.I. the Anomaly ft. Selah the Corner & Carolinah Blu "Awake" by Raging Moses ft. Datin "Start Preaching" by April Platt "Volume 1: Walk It Out" by Common Thread Collective "Give Me Some More" by Bebe Riz ft. Vincity "Stop the Hatred" by MC Jin ft. Wyclef Jean "Kingdom" by Zane One ft. Shames Worthy "Touch Forever" by Krum & Theory Hazit ft. Zane One & Jeremiah Dirt "The Art of Joy" by Jackie Hill Perry "The Story of Us" by Eternia & Rel McCoy ft. Mr. Lif & Eliki "Do That" by Randy Mason ft. Edson Sean & Heesun Lee "Live Right" by Licy Be & Kingdmusic "Ladies" by Tunnel Rats

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