2022/10/8 - The UPROCK Take-Over Pt 1

2022/10/8 - The UPROCK Take-Over Pt 1

Real hip hop by Christian artists

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This week on Definition The Profit brings us Part 1 of The UPROCK Take-Over. On this episode we take a journey across the past 11 years of the UPROCK Hip-Hop Summit hosted by Krosswerdz and get the highlight moments from the 11 UPROCK Compilations. To get your copy of any (or all) compilations head over to krosswerdz.bandcamp.com and don't forget to vote for your favourite track at definitionradio.com


Awake by Raging Moses ft Datin Power Struggle by Oakbridge & Izzy (UPROCK Vol.1) Holster by JustMe ft DJ Promote (UPROCK Vol.2) The Way of Hand and Foot by Rezadent (UPROCK Vol.3) Time Machine - Fresh Kils Remix by Rel McCoy (UPROCK Vol.4) Dear City by Unison (UPROCK Vol.5) What's Your Story by Sounds Like Dsipl (UPROCK Vol.6) Lion by Unkle, RAGE and Wes-Lee ft. Izzy n The Profit (UPROCK Vol.7) Na Gode by Rymboxx ft. Stain (UPROCK Vol.8) Forgive me by Izzy ft Zyrel (UPROCK Vol.9) The Knowing Remix by Izzy n The Profit, Braille and Kris-Bo (UPROCK Vol.10) The Root Cause by Resident, Cas Metah, Ill Clinton & Reckoncyle (UPROCK Vol.10) Come Callin' by Cas Metah, Junyah, D4C & Rel McCoy (UPROCK Vol.11)

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