2021/12/31 - The most voted for new songs of 2021 as decided by you

2021/12/31 - The most voted for new songs of 2021 as decided by you

Real hip hop by Christian artists

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The most voted for new songs of 2021. Decided by you on the Definition Radio website!


"Say Less" by Guvna B ft. Still Shadey, Tidez "The Root Cause" by Resident, Cas Metah, ILL Clinton, Reckoncyle, Sounds Like Dsipl "Grwn Woman" by A.I. the Anomaly ft. B. Angelique "Addicted" by Ryland Junior "Victorious" by Sole Option ft. HiQ & Jah Tung "Sidewalk Psychology" by The Profit ft. Ryland Junior "Praise" by Eternia & Rel McCoy "Volume 1: Walk It Out" by Common Thread Collective "Indie Pen Dents" by Cas Metah & Sintax the Terrific & DJ Sean P ft. Mouf Warren "Heaven Be My Home" by E.Man ft. Baz Suamili "The Return" by The Praying Mantis ft. Lorna Harris, Kapes & Michael Personne "Smoke & Mirrors" by Rel McCoy & Peace 586 "Zombie" by Mark Durksen "Hands Up" by The Plowman ft. Junyah, Uzo Buks & E.Man "Done With That" by Sivion, Rel McCoy, Marksman Lloyd "Barz of Faith" by RoyalpriestHood "Back to the Basics" by Jon Corbin

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