2020/8/15 - CHH Digital World Tour Part 1 - hosted by The Profit

2020/8/15 - CHH Digital World Tour Part 1 - hosted by The Profit

Show notes

Due to travel restrictions and many unable to visit their favourite people and places, your Hip Hop Tour Guide The Profit is here to take you on Part 1 of the CHH Digital World Tour.

This episode we will be playing CHH on a global scale and travel across AUS, NZ, Malaysia, South Africa, Nigeria, Canada, Iran and Israel.

Pack your headphones and get ready for your mandatory hip hop injection as we travel the globe and celebrate CHH World Wide.


"Dragon Tattoo" by Mistery ft. Justme "The Basics" by MPAncient (Motion Plus) "God Is Able" by E-Man ft. Roland Williams "Dear City" by Unison "Boulder" by MCBGCW "Free-Dom" by Hemelbesem "Lion" by Unkle, RAGE, Wes-Lee & Izzy n The Profit "Na Gode" by Rymboxx ft. Stain "Brand" by Mark Durksen "Without You" by Jon Corbin ft. Eternia, Ill Seer & Relic "Az Man Be Man" by Silas "Family Matters" by Mistery & Werd "Our World" by The Profit

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The Profit

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