2020/2/1 - Playing tunes, talking tunes ...

2020/2/1 - Playing tunes, talking tunes ...

Show notes

This week, we play a new song to the playlist by Peabod. Aussie music by Marksman Lloyd, Mistery, Sounds Like Dsipl, Bayside Wreckers, and Oakbridge. Flashbacks by Scribbling Idiots, B. Reith, and Oakbridge!


"Ok" by PEABOD ft. Hollyn "Believe" by Social Club Misfits "The Spot" by Bay Side Wreckers "Praise the Lord" by r&R "Dream On" by Roy Tosh ft. Deraj & Paulo Clayton "Theory of Self" by NomiS ft. Joe Ayinde "Time" by NF "Cynical" by Propaganda ft. Aaron Marsh & Sho Baraka "The Fear" by Marksman Lloyd ft. Omar Musa "Rydin'" by Sevin ft. Seven T "No Flex" by Wande "Almost Famous" by Scribbling Idiots "Way of the Warrior Remix" by Mistery & Sounds Like Dsipl "Go On" by B. Reith "Forget That" by Oakbridge ft. Deejay Mathmatics "Saturday Night Live" by Ohmega Watts ft. Surreal & Sareem Poems

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