2020/11/14 - The elephant in the room

2020/11/14 - The elephant in the room

Real hip hop by Christian artists

Show notes

The Profit plays the tracks that address the elephants in the room.


"So Help Me" by Propaganda "West Sydney" by Izzy ft. Imbue "This Ain't Love" by Bizzle ft. Lavoisier, Sevin "Royalty" by Nomis ft. Sareem Poems "Shot With You" by James Gardin "Part One" by Marksman Lloyd "Shooting Stars" by Jesus Peace "The New Dawn" by Manic X "Heads Up" by Oakbridge "Suit 'n' Thai" by Marksman Lloyd ft. Odette Mercy "Beauty in Pain" by Clister ft. Sevin & Patrice Baker "Revenge (The Right Way)" by Braille

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