2020/10/10 - Iron Sharpens Iron (with your host The Profit)

2020/10/10 - Iron Sharpens Iron (with your host The Profit)

Show notes

The Profit is back, and this show's theme is "as iron sharpens iron."


"See" by The Plowman ft. Frisko "Christ Restores" by The Collective "Calculated Risk" By Braille ft. Mr J Medeiros & Manchild "G.O.M. Cypher" by Bizzle ft. Sevin, Datin, Bumps Inf & Selah The Corner "Last But Not Least" by Scribbling Idiots ft. Theory Hazit, Magestik Legend, Propaganda, DJ Efechto "Braggadocio" by W.O.T.S. ft. Sounds Like Dsipl "God is a Beast" by Righteouz Knight ft. R-Kitect, Swinn Da Example & Freestyle Fam "Out to Win" by Sivion ft. Macho & Manchild "Marvelous" by Gallery Drive "The Elect Strangers Scroll" by Sounds Like Dsipl ft. The Elect Strangers "Hall of Martyrs" by Datin ft. S.O., Ruslan, Uncle Reece, Dru Bex & Jxhn Pvul

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The Profit

The Profit


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