2017/6/10 - Playing just what you've voted for.

2017/6/10 - Playing just what you've voted for.

Real Hip hop by Christian artists.

Show notes

This playlist's selection has been chosen by our listeners. We're playing only what songs people have been voting for on the Definition website.

"Purple Dinosaur" by nobigdyl. "It Went This Way" by Kaboose "First Man" by Cas Metah & Brethren "Know About It" by Jered Sanders "Still Unashamed" by Trip Lee "Thou Art The Christ" by Phil The Voice "Ignorantro" by JGivens "Fire" by Nfors & Showt "Spark The Flame" by Jon Corbin "Pain of Regret" by Izzy "Promise Land" by James Gardin "Shook" by BRB & KJ-52 "Battle Cry Transformed Remix" by D4C "Imma Get There" by PyRexx "King" by Bizzle

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