2017/5/6 - "Reality Check" by Eskatology is the feature album

2017/5/6 - "Reality Check" by Eskatology is the feature album

Real Hip hop by Christian artists.

Show notes

The feature album is "Reality Check" by Eskatology from Adelaide, Australia.

New music by Heath McNease, K. Sparks and Jon Corbin.

Flashback track by E-Roc aka Rhymes Monumental.

"Fire In the Winter" by Premiss "Access Is Denied" by Eskatology "Everything Is Everything" by Sivion "Fire Bone" by Shadow of the Locust "Believe" by Heath McNease "I Am We" by Eskatology "Know That's Right" by Andy Mineo "Lift Off" by Griffin & Jaq "Space Cadets" by Rhymes Monumental. "Interfaith" by Eskatology "Thou Art The Christ" by The Voice "Higher" by Ohmega Watts "Casablanc, 'Round Midnight" by K. Sparks "Let Me Be The Spark" by Jon Corbin "Multiplicity" by Eskatology

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